Vanessa Frias-Martinez

Vanessa Frias-Martinez

Vanessa Frias-Martinez

Assistant Professor
2123B Hornbake Building, South Wing

Dr. Vanessa Frias-Martinez is an assistant professor in the iSchool and UMIACS, and an affiliate assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science. She also leads the Urban Computing Lab.


Dr. Frias-Martinez's research focuses on the use of large-scale ubiquitous data to model the interplay between human mobility patterns and the built environment. She is also interested in how such models can be used to aid decision makers in areas such as poverty, natural disasters or smart cities.

Current Research Interests

  • Urban Informatics
  • Smart Cities
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Applied Machine Learning
  • ICTs for Development


  • PhD in Computer Science from Columbia University
  • MSc in Computer Science from Columbia University
  • BSc in Computer Science from Universidad de Valladolid

CAREER: Data-driven Models of Human Mobility and Resilience for Decision Making

Principal Investigator: Vanessa Frias-Martinez

This project envisions mobile cyber-physical systems (CPS) where people carrying cell phones generate large amounts of location information that is used to sense, compute and monitor human interactions with the physical environment during environmental dislocations.

Crowdsourcing Urban Bicycle Level of Service Measures

Principal Investigator: Vanessa Frias-Martinez

The lack of information regarding cycling safety prompts local governments and bicycle associations to look into ways of making cycling in urban areas both more attractive and safer. Using data mining and machine learning techniques, this project can measure bicycle safety from citizens’ complaints and concerns.