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Declare InfoSci as Your Major at College Park

The Information Science (InfoSci) major is not a Limited Enrollment Program, meaning you can declare immediately if you choose by following a two-step process below. This applies to current University of Maryland undergraduate students who would like to change their major to Information Science. 

  1. Watch the InfoSci Program Introduction video. As a college we want to be sure you have all of the information needed to make informed decisions about your educational goals and career options prior to declaring your major. Also, please see our FAQ page for more information.

  2. Submit a 4-Year Program Plan. Develop a 4-year plan using the instructions listed here and the web-form below. The 4-year plan must meet the iSchool and UMD program requirements and policies. Your 4-year plan will be reviewed by an advisor and you should expect an email reply within fourteen business days.

    • Download and complete the fillable InfoSci Change of Major Academic Plan beginning with the current semester forward to the last semester (make sure to save the plan and open it from your desktop before filling it in or it may not save your work). Do not place INST Core courses in the Summer/Winter column. You may list an elective (e.g. "INST Major Elective #1") to let us know you plan on taking a INST Upper Level Major Elective, but not a specific course.

    • Make sure to include all remaining General Education requirements. Visit and run a "What-If Audit" for the InfoSci (INFO) program to review the General Education requirements. 

    • Follow the Course Prerequisite List.

    • Use the 4-Year Program Plan and the InfoSci 4-Year Plan Example for reference. 

    • The college hosts regular Information Sessions that include a change of major discussion session. Sign up for a session here if you would like assistance with developing/revising your 4-year plan. 

Expect to receive an initial response two weeks from submission. Approval of the InfoSci 4-Year Plan is not a guarantee you will receive the classes listed in each semester. The InfoSci 4-Year Plan is a "road map" to completing the degree and can/will be updated regularly. Once the 4-year plan is approved you will receive a “Welcome to the Program” email. You will be placed in the InfoSci Announce listserv and an InfoSci student folder will be created for you. The InfoSci Announce listserv and email are the primary means of delivering important information to our students, do not delete emails without reading them first.  We also encourage you to follow the InfoSci Program on Twitter at @InfoSciUMD.

Four Year Program Plan Submission:

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(by the of end of current semester)
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