MIM Degree Planning

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MIM Degree Planning

How will you make the most of your time in the MIM program?

These resources are intended to help students select courses that will best serve their goals, and to supply information about MIM program policies and requirements.


Handbooks & Checklists

MIM Student Handbook

Data Analytics Specialization

Strategic Management Specialization

Technology Development Specialization

Choosing Courses

For information on courses, scheduling, and registration, students can use the following resources:

Degree Plans

The MIM curriculum involves 36 credits (12 courses) of graduate coursework in information management and related subjects, including a balanced mix of required and elective courses. It can be completed in 2 academic years (24 months) if courses are taken full-time, or in three to four years if taken part-time.

Successful completion of the MIM degree requires you to complete 36 credit hours of academic work with a minimum of a 3.0 GPA.

iSchool 2-Year Course Plan*  

* The iSchool 2-Year Course Plan specifies the courses that the iSchool will offer over the next two academic years, including if the course will be offered at the Shady Grove campus, the College Park campus, or online. This document is developed with our best projections, but it is subject to change based on professor availability, course demand, and unforeseen issues.   

Academic Advising

Prospective and current MIM students have the benefit of working with academic advisors through the Graduate Student Services Office. The advisors are the best resource for navigating iSchool degree programs and all university, Graduate School, and iSchool policies.

Some topics advisors can discuss with you are:

  • How to register for courses
  • Degree plans and course suggestions
  • Policies and procedures at Maryland, the Graduate School, iSchool, or specific degree program requirements
  • Filling out forms and paperwork
  • Navigating other university offices/services such as Financial Aid, International Services, etc.

Contact Information

Graduate Student Services
Patuxent Building Room 2106 | 4161 Fieldhouse Drive | College Park, MD 20742
Telephone: (301) 405-9325
Email: ischooladvisors@umd.edu