Mission & Vision

  • Staying connected, networking with fellow alumni, and supporting new generations of students.

Alumni Network Mission / Vision / Objectives


Promote and support the College; encourage academic and professional excellence; facilitate career development for both current students and graduates, while fostering and strengthening a lasting relationship with the iSchool.


Inspire connections and a network of Maryland iSchool alumni including representation from all degree programs to stay engaged and support the iSchool Alumni Network programs and initiatives. ​


  • To serve as a liaison to promote the iSchool’s pursuit of excellence in teaching, research, innovation and public service to advance alumni related activities;
  • To serve as a portal through which iSchool alumni can connect and engage with the iSchool and each other in meaningful and impactful ways;
  • To be of relevance to alumni in their pursuit of personal and professional growth and success;
  • To make connections with iSchool students;
  • To foster a spirit of loyalty, involvement and lifelong commitment while encouraging philanthropic support of the iSchool and its students.  
  • To lead the alumni relations strategy and foster cooperation and coordination with other alumni activities with campus colleges, schools, departments and units.
  • To raise and sustain funds used to support iSchool student scholarships, events, and academics, and iSchool alumni events and professional development grants.
  • To identify and execute strategies that will grow the Alumni Network's membership.
  • To connect with alumni where they live and work through regional, affinity and academic networks.
  • To evaluate iSchool annual Alumni Network progress via comparisons to other similar alumni associations and member feedback.