US Office of Naval Research

Research Projects

The Role of Emotions in Sociopolitical Polish and Lithuanian Social Media

Principal Investigator(s): Susannah Paletz
Investigator(s): C. Anton Rytting
This project, run through ARLIS, investigates how emotion impacts information propagation and sharing in Polish and Lithuanian social media. Teams of in-country annotators independently assess each post, including all multimedia content, for over 22 distinct emotions inclusively on 0 to 100 scales--meaning that the same post will have different scores for different emotions. We will conduct multi-level statistical analyses of the impact of emotions, specific topics, and account and message features on social media sharing and engagement.

Accelerating Cross-Disciplinary Innovation with Computational Analogy

Principal Investigator(s): Joel Chan
Investigating how to develop interactive search engines that enable scientists and inventors to discover and adapt ideas across disciplinary boundaries.