Environment and Sustainability

Environment and Sustainability

Solving environmental challenges requires solving information challenges, and iSchool researchers are meeting these challenges head-on. As scientists use new technologies to measure environmental data in the field, they create large data sets that can be difficult to understand, use, and present to decision makers and the public. The ability to communicate with large numbers of people across the globe allows for breakthroughs in citizen science that could present solutions to environmental challenges. Reaching large audiences through effective use of technology and innovative collaborations also means the ability to educate the public about environmentally sustainable practices.

In response to environmental threats and challenges, researchers at the iSchool are seeking solutions through improved systems for gathering, analyzing and using environmental data, and facilitating access to information that will help professionals and the public better meet environmental goals. From studying the Chesapeake Bay watershed to using citizen science to track animal species, iSchool researchers are using data to shed light on complex environmental challenges.

The iSchool’s expertise in issues of environmental sustainability can assist in:

  • Measuring and understanding the effects of climate change
  • Broadening participation in citizen science to measure environmental impact and to protect the environment
  • Educating diverse groups about environmental sustainability using new and innovative means of information sharing.

Research Projects


This Innovations in Development project will engage members of diverse communities associated with three partner nature preserves: the Anacostia Watershed Society close to Washington, D

The Community-Driven Environmental Projects (C-DEP) model is a multi-university research endeavor funded by the NSF AISL program with an objective to engage members of diverse communities in local nature and environmental conservation projects of their choosing.