Scholarships & Awards for Current INFO Students

Each fall current UMD College of Information (INFO) students are able to apply for INFO scholarships and travel awards. Current students are notified by email in the fall when the application window opens. Please note that two travel awards have seperate application forms and deadlines, listed in the Travel Awards section below. Travel awards may be available throughout the year.

Budgetary constraints limit the number of awards, so while you are encouraged to apply, you should also explore other sources of aid. We regret that due to a large number of applicants for financial aid, we are able to notify recipients only.

Please visit our giving page if you would like to make a gift to support College of Information scholarships.

Additional Financial Aid Options

For emergency financial, food, or other assistance, please visit our Emergency Support Resources page.

To search UMD employment opportunities, please visit the UMD Employment website.

If you have any questions, please contact