The UMD iSchool Trace Research and Development Center is taking up the challenge of accessibility work during the pandemic.

Researching how technology can be used for active engagement to help people with dementia.

After many years working as a chef and artist, Jocelyn McNamara, MLS ‘16, was inspired by her love of literature, and a drive to work in leadership, which led her to pursue a career in…

Dr. Ana Ndumu, Dr. Mega Subramaniam, and PhD Student Shandra Morhouse receive awards for their research work in library and information science.

Professor and Director of the HCIL, Niklas Elmqvist, reflects on his NSF Career Project.

UMD Human-Computer Interaction Lab’s (HCIL) 2019-2020 accomplishments

Dr. Naeemul Hassan and collaborators aim to design and develop computational models to automatically detect video clickbait. 

Research on participatory sensing, the practice of using human participants to gather data on their mobile devices from their environment that can be shared.

Research on machine teaching in which non-experts teach a model through a teachable interface.