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    Boost your libraries, archives, or curation career with a Digital Curation for Information Professionals Certificate.

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    UMD Master of Human-Computer Interaction program ranked #9 in USA

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    Join the UMD Master of Information Management program to become a Data Scientist (#1 job in USA)

Who We Are

The University of Maryland College of Information Studies (UMD iSchool) is a leading research and teaching college in the field of information science. Our faculty, staff, and students are expanding the frontiers of how people access and use information and technology in an evolving world – in government, education, business, and more. We offer five academic degree programs and lead cutting-edge research. Throughout our teaching and research, we are known for our focus on using information and technology to advance social good, particularly around accessibility, inclusion, and diversity. Located just outside of Washington, D.C., our faculty, staff, and students have unmatched research, internship, and career opportunities.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which we have harnessed the ocean of data. From it, everyone - both individually and collectively - can develop deeper knowledge to tackle real-world problems, break down barriers, improve quality of life, and spark discovery. Information is turned into power to unlock our full potential.


Preparing students to succeed as information professionals, we offer cutting-edge degree and certificate programs that expertly combine theory with practical professional skills. In our degree programs, students can select from a range of specializations to craft their ideal degree. 

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Developing the Nickelodeon© Do Not Touch button with UX design, creating the system for braille on ATMs through accessibility-focused HCI research, utilizing open source data to help develop the current Baltimore Smart City plan – our researchers are impacting real life.

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