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UMD iSchool Research

Driven by the pursuit of new ideas and big discoveries, faculty, researchers, and students at UMD’s iSchool are combining principles of information science with cutting-edge technology to foster access to information, improve information interfaces, and expand how information is used. We tackle significant, real-world information challenges from diverse perspectives such as communication, information retrieval, policy, computer science, education, archives, business, human factors, law, humanities, and more. Our discoveries empower, inspire, and connect individuals and communities. 

  55 Researchers  
50 Active Research Grants
$39.3M Research Funding
10 Different Funders
Areas of Expertise

Library and Information Science

Contributing groundbreaking innovation and thought-leadership to library and information science.

Digital Humanities

Bringing digital tools and methods to the study and experience of humanities.

Computational Archival Science

Exploring the conjunction of emerging computational methods with big data and archival practice.

Data Privacy and Sociotechnical Cybersecurity

Examining the human context of privacy and cybersecurity to develop real-world solutions.

Social Networks and Online Communities

Understanding the risks, impacts, motivators, and benefits of online information sharing.

Smart Cities and Connected Communities

Integrating people, data, devices, infrastructure, and institutions to realize the potential of communities.

Information Justice, Human Rights, and Technology Ethics

Supporting information and technology practices and policies that break down barriers.

Human-Computer Interaction

Developing advanced user-focused interfaces and design methodologies that are shaping the future of technology.

Accessibility and Inclusive Design

Pioneering information technologies and solutions that are accessible and usable for people of all abilities. 

Future of Work

Exploring emerging technologies and trends to advance human capabilities in the workplace.

Health Informatics

Improving the ability to access, understand, and make use of health information.

Youth Experience, Learning, and Digital Practices

Creating new avenues for youth learning, communication, play, and self-expression.

Data Science, Analytics, and Visualization

Harnessing the potential of data science for world-changing social applications. 

Computational Linguistics, Machine Learning, and Information Retrieval

Developing methods that allow computers to perform learned tasks autonomously, creating practical solutions for human needs.


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