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Partner with the UMD iSchool

Partner with the University of Maryland College of Information Studies (UMD iSchool) in research or academic initiatives.

Partner on a Capstone Project (iConsultancy)

The UMD iSchool’s talented faculty and students are improving how people access and use information and technology in an evolving world. Collaborate with us through our iConsultancy program to explore and solve your information problems in a variety of domains - UX/UI, data analytics, information management. The iConsultancy connects industry, government, community, and university partners to the iSchool to provide experiential learning projects for students and solve problems for partners. Other partner opportunities include invitations to speak on campus, attend research presentations, do recruitment events, and promote career and internship opportunities. Visit the iConsultancy page to learn more and connect.

Provide an Internship to Students

Foster the next generation of information scientists by providing real-world work experiences. Some fantastic partners already providing internships and opportunities to our students (and receiving great support in return!) are Ernst & Young, Capital One, Accenture, PriceWaterHouseCoopers, IBM, Google, Microsoft, Deloitte, Library of Congress, National Archives, National Geographic, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Smithsonian Institution, and the US Department of Justice. To discuss the best way to provide an internship for UMD iSchool students, please contact Dr. Kate Izsak, Director of Academic Programs,

Spearhead an Academic Research Partnership

From labs to libraries, researchers at the UMD iSchool are combining principles of information science with cutting-edge technology to foster access to information, improve information interfaces, and expand how information is used. Our faculty and students tackle significant, real-world challenges from diverse perspectives such as communication, information retrieval, policy, computer science, education, archives, business, human factors, law, humanities, and more. Our discoveries empower, inspire, and connect individuals and communities. The UMD iSchool embraces interdisciplinary and collaborative research. If you are a researcher at another college, university, or research institution, who would like to explore a research partnership, please contact Dr. Susan Winter, Associate Dean for Research,

Partner with KidsTeam for Youth Technology Design

The University of Maryland KidsTeam brings together children ages 7-11, researchers, and technologists to co-design technologies that support children’s learning and play. Because of their long tenure, KidsTeam kids are experts in more than being kids, they are experts in collaborating with adults and other kids, in prototyping techniques, and in communicating their ideas. KidsTeam research enhances our understanding of intergenerational design techniques and of how to build technologies that are more relevant to children’s interests and needs. In addition to academic research, KidsTeam regularly partners with companies, such as Nickelodeon, to develop or fine-tune products for youth. If you are a business or organization that would like to contract KidsTeam to support your youth technology design goals, please contact Dr. Beth Bonsignore, Director of KidsTeam,