Graduate Tuition & Fees

Courses taught fully or partially on the College Park campus are subject to the standard University tuition and fees.

University Tuition and Fees

Total Tuition and Fees with College Fees Included

All graduate students are expected to pay the University graduate tuition and fees as linked to above. In addition, a $50 per credit fee is applied to all 499-799-level INST, LBSC, and INFM courses in the INFO College. This is applied to all students, regardless of course format (i.e. online, in person) and regardless of home college/department. There is no longer an additional, higher fee for online courses.

Tuition (2023-24) Per Credit Hour 3 (Part Time) 6 (Part Time) 9 (Full Time)
Maryland Resident $828.00 $2,484.00 $4,968.00 $7,452.00
Maryland Non-resident $1,805.00 $5,415.00 $10,830.00 $16,245.00
INFO College Course Fee (per credit hour) $50.00 $150.00 $300.00 $450.00
Graduate Student Fees $331.50 $331.50 $641.50
Total Maryland Resident $2,965.50 $5,599.50 $8,543.50
Total Maryland Non-resident $5,896.50 $11,461.50 $17,336.50

Winter and Summer Sessions

Courses offered during the winter and summer are subject to fees set by the Office of Extended Studies (OES). You can view the winter and summer tuition and fees on the OES website.

Financial Aid

Learn more about financial aid options for INFO College students.


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