Partnership Opportunities with the UMD INFO College

The College of Information Studies (INFO) partners with public and private organizations – supporting their workforce needs by supplying talented graduates, solving real-world information challenges through capstone projects completed by our students; and co-designing technology with youth.

Corporate Partners

Recruit top students for your internship and job openings

Our Corporate Partners benefit from career fairs, speaking and networking engagements, and promotion of internship and job openings that give them direct access to INFO’s top students. Our Corporate Partners are also strategic partners of the college as we shape the future of the information industry.

Corporate Partnerships

Capstone Partners

Solve your real-world challenges through Capstone Projects

Collaborate with us through our iConsultancy program to have students explore and solve your organization’s real-world information problems in a variety of domains – UX/UI, data analytics, information management. Students tackle these challenges as a capstone project.

Capstone Partnerships

KidsTeam Partners

Co-Design technology with youth

The UMD KidsTeam brings together children ages 7-11, researchers, and technologists to co-design technologies that support children’s learning and play. KidsTeam research enhances our understanding of intergenerational design techniques and of how to build technologies that are more relevant to children’s interests and needs.

KidsTeam Partnerships