Data Science, Analytics, and Visualization

Data Science, Analytics, and Visualization

Harnessing the potential of data science for world-changing social applications.

Research Projects

Digital Curation Fellows Program - National Agricultural Library

Principal Investigator(s): Katrina Fenlon
The Digital Curation Fellows program is a partnership with the National Agricultural Library (NAL) to provide students from across all iSchool programs with research and practical experience solving real-world digital curation challenges. Digital curation fellows have contributed to numerous initiatives during this program’s several-year history, such as developing digital preservation plans, researching user experience, evaluating metadata quality, assessing diversity and equity of representation in digital collections, building new digital archives, and creating data analytics dashboards.

Maryland Sports Data Analytics Camps for Youth

Investigator(s): Lawrence Clark

Collaborative Research: Impacts of Hard/Soft Skills on STEM Workforce Trajectories

Investigator(s): Brian Kim

Data Science, Analytics, and Visualization News

HCIL Founder Receives IEEE Test of Time Award for Treemap Research

  • Hayleigh Moore

    The award recognizes a conference paper from 20 years ago whose contents have had a major impact within and beyond the visualization community.

PhD Alumni Spotlight: To Build or Not to Build? – Myeong Lee, PhD ‘19

  • Hayleigh Moore

    While planning his Master’s degree thesis, Myeong Lee was offered a simple question - "Do you want to build something or understand something?"

Maryland Today: Merrill College, iSchool to Offer ‘From-Anywhere’ Master’s in Data Journalism

  • Josh Land

    Applications will be accepted this fall for new data journalism Master's program.